Food ‘n Flix Roundup: Moonrise Kingdom

Thanks for those that participated with me in this month’s Food ‘n Flix. If you were following along, we watched Moonrise Kingdom, a Wes Anderson flick. I picked this movie since it is set in a summer camp and we are now at the end of summer. It got to be my last hoorah to summer time living. Not that summertime living is really a thing for a working professional, but alas . . . It’s done for another year.

This movie was both loved and hated, which part of me thinks makes it the right movie choice. It definitely creates conversation.

Though not a food influenced movie, there was enough food for all of our participants to work with:

The first entry this month was my Sugar Free Beef Jerky. Sam, the runaway Khaki Scout, asks Suzy, the run away New England girl, if she wants beef jerky. Though absolutely not a photogenic piece of food, we enjoyed snacking on these beef strips.

The next submission came from Amy at Amy’s Cooking Adventures. Though not a huge fan of the movie, she was inpsired by the Khaki Scouts and her own experiences with scouting and experimental and innovative outdoor cooking. She made two different versions of Foil Packet Calzones which she cooked over a propane grill. I love this, because you could stuff these with literally anything!

Debra from Eliot’s Eats shared the next dish – Corn on the Cob with Harissa Butter and Cojita. She spotted quite a lot of food options in the movie! These corn cobs look quite delicious and perfect for summer!

Camilla from Culinary Adventures with Cam prepared the next entry. Camilla and family went on a Wes Anderson adventure after watching this movie. She pulled inspiration from the scene where Captain Sharp and Sam share a meal after Sam’s foster parents say he can’t come back. The meal consisted of corn, sausage, and Grilled Gruyère with Crisped Sage and Pink Lady Slices, which seems SO on point for a Wes Anderson grilled cheese sandwich.

The last dish comes from Wendy at A Day In The Life on the Farm. Though not a fan of the movie choice this month, she pulled some inspiration from a container of Tang and made a Tang Cheesecake which reminded her of childhood. What a fun and quirky interpretation to make for this movie! I love it.

So with that, summer’s over! Thanks everyone for participating!

Join us in September at A Day In The Life On The Farm where we will be watching Words on Bathroom Walls, which I can vouch does have a ton of food inspiration throughout!


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