Food ‘n Flix Roundup: Peter Rabbit

This month’s Food ‘n Flix movie choice (hosted by yours truly) was Peter Rabbit. Though our participants were definitely split on reviews on this month’s movie choice, there was no shortage of vegetable and rabbit inspired dishes this month. I love the variety of ways that our viewers went – either from making something heavily veggie influenced or something reminiscent of our main character, Peter Rabbit, everything came out looking great!

So without further ado, what did this month’s movie inspire?

First up this month are these delicious Sourdough Puff Pastry Bunny Ears (which look suspiciously like palmier cookies!) brought to use by Camilla from Cooking Adventures with Camilla. Camilla found certain parts of this film distasteful (which I don’t blame her for,) but still came out making a delicious bunny-inspired treat. She served these alongside her Easter brunch table and I am sure they all got eaten! Yum!

The next entry was my Carrot Pecan Cake with Brown Butter Cream Cheese Frosting. As I admitted in that post, I actually chose this movie this month based on wanting to make a carrot cake for Easter. I found the movie charming in a silly way and then spent the remainder of Easter watching other bunny-inspired movies. This cake was moist and the frosting was perfect pairing with the carrot cake.

Another sweet dish comes to us from Amy at Amy’s Cooking Adventures. She shares her Easter Bunny Pudding Cups. When I first saw these I audibly giggled, because they are just that cute. Amy was already familiar with this month’s movie, as it was one of her kids’ favorites. These bunny pudding cups are made up of pudding snacks and other sweets – yum!

Debra from Eliot’s Eats gives us our next recipe: Garlic Chive Pesto Dressing. Inspired by the abundance of veggies in Mr. McGregor’s garden, Debra used the chives growing in her own garden to make a beautifully green pesto. She used the pesto both on top of a salad (which I need to try, that sounds great) and on top of chicken to create a delicious meal.

This last dish was made by Radha at Magical Ingredients. Taking inspiration from the vegetables galore in Peter Rabbit, Radha shared a dish she makes frequently: Quick Veggie Salad. This salad uses an abundance of veggies from carrots, radish, bell peppers and more – this salad looks right up Peter’s ally!

What a great month with great dishes! Thanks everyone for participating!

Join us next month over at Eliot’s Eats while we watch a movie that seems to be about wine: Bottle Shock. See you then!

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