Food ‘n Flix: P.S. I Love You: Non-Alcoholic Irish Cream

March’s Food ‘n Flix movie pick is being hosted by Amy’s Cooking Adventures. Go check out her page for how you can get information on joining this month’s movie choice (or next month’s, which is mine!!)

This movie was quite the tear jerker, thanks a lot!

Holly and Gerry are very much in love, a young couple smitten with each other. When he passes away, Holly grieves, as one would expect to happen upon the death of a loved one. What is unexpected is that Gerry may have left, but he leaves notes for Holly to lead her in her grief. I’m not sure if I think it’s sweet or cruel, because ultimately I do think it took Holly longer to grieve because it was like Gerry had not left. It made it harder for her to move on, in my opinion.

At one point, Holly travels to Ireland with her two girlfriends. Gerry was originally from Ireland and from meeting a handsome man to visiting Gerry’s parents, there are some adventures to be had. My food choice this month was sort of combination of inspirations. Since the women traveled to Ireland and went to pubs, I decided to make something you could get in a bar, with Irish inspiration. And since one of the friends she traveled with was pregnant, virgin drinks all around!

Other food inspiration I noted included:

  • cocktails inspired by funerals
  • food inspired by funerals
  • pizza
  • birthday cake
  • cereal and coffee
  • Irish food
  • Guinness beer
  • fish
  • spaghetti
  • chocolate candies

The virgin Bailey’s was great, but I wasn’t about to drink it alone! So I added it to a cup of hot chocolate and called it a day! This was my idea of celebrating St. Patrick’s Day this year.

Non-Alcoholic Irish Cream


3/4 cup coconut milk
1 tbsp brewed coffee
2 tsp maple syrup
splash of vanilla extract
2 tsp coco powder
1 tbsp heavy cream


  1. Place all ingredients in a blender. Blend!
  2. Serve straight chilled over ice, or put in another drink like hot chocolate.

4 thoughts on “Food ‘n Flix: P.S. I Love You: Non-Alcoholic Irish Cream

  1. I gave up Bailey’s over the holidays, trying to lose weight, so we had whiskey cocktails to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day this year. I’ve seen recipes for homemade Irish Cream that use sweetened condensed milk, so your recipe sounds a little lighter than that and definitely worth a try!


  2. Wow. Don’t know how I missed this post last month. I’m in agreement with Laurie that your recipe sounds a bit lighter. I think It would be utterly delicious in coffee! (I still might have to sneak some traditional Bailey’s in though at times.) šŸ™‚


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