Literature and Limes – 2020 Challenge – Cookbook Reviews

For 2019 Literature and Limes explored fiction, turning fictional books into recipes based on the books. It was a fun project. But 2020 is bringing a new project. This is the year of cookbook reviews.

Every month I will review 2-3 cookbooks. They will be choices from my bookshelf, from the library, from recommendations, and from The Kitchn’s Cookbook Club.

Each review will share photos of 4 recipes I made from the book, as well as the best recipe of the 4. And each review will talk about the other parts of the cookbook, including photographs and other text.

So here we go! If you want to follow along with my journey, all the full reviews will be posted here. On my @literatureandlimes instagram account I will be live streaming when I make the recipes from my reviewed cookbooks. Follow me there for that content.

And at the end of 2020, I’ll be giving away one of the cookbooks I reviewed this year.

We’re just days away from the new challenge!

Besides cookbook reviews, I will be posting some single recipes for other blog food events.

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